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Primarily a flowing practice, this class links postures, movement, and breath, building from foundation and basics. We will also work on strength, focus, flexibility, and fluidity. This is a fun and challenging class with something for everyone! 

Water Aerobics 

This classes uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water against your body to provide a wide variety of conditioning activity.  No swimming is required and flotation devices are used when needed.  Water exercise helps increase your energy, stamina and strength while decreasing weight-bearing on joints.  


This class is a hybrid of HIIT (high intensity interval training), circuit training, and muscle toning with free weights and body-weight as well as some flexibility work.  It is designed to be modified for any fitness level! 

Personal Training 

Available upon request.  Inquire about current information at the front desk. 

Pool Activities 

Swimming lessons with private instructor – information at the front desk (for children and adults), Open Swim and Lap Swimming are all available.  Pool parties available please call ahead. 

Kickboxing Class 

High energy upper and lower body workout, using weighted punching bags. 

Body Sculpting Class 

A variety of high intensity exercises to sculpt and define your body. 

Body Building 

This class focuses on muscular hypertrophy through a combination of strength training equipment. 

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